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Project Description
NWTCompiler is for those interested in creating their own compiled database of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures from the sources.

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This can be downloaded as an open source project. However, it won't run on Android or iOS. It will run on Windows for sure, and might run under Mono (Linux and Mac OS X). Once you compile the NWT bible of the language of your choosing you can then load it in to whichever e-Sword compatible application you wish. I'll add suggested e-Sword compatible programs here if such are provided.

Android: MySword
iOS: e-Sword HD

In most cases, you can use Simple Bible Reader / Converter to convert the files that NWTCompiler generates into a format that is compatible with other bible-reader programs like MySword for Android.

If you want to covert to iOS's e-Sword HD, it seems you can use e-Sword PC to iOS User Module Conversion Utility to do that.

If you find the NWT Bible in a language on that this tool doesn't support, please open an issue and include a link to the index page of the Bible from

Finally, export to any number of formats is supported, rather easily, if the specification is available (or can be deciphered). Feel free to make requests providing new specifications in the Issue Tracker.

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